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Vision and Strategy

The Black Country has set itself an ambitious 30 Year Vision. Working within the context of emerging European, national and regional trends and strategies, the Vision provides the strategic framework for a distinctive urban renaissance in the Black Country, creating a new context for urban development and living that can compete on the European stage as a world-class player where we aim to emulate the best in Europe.

The Vision-led transformation of the Black Country by 2031 will involve reversing population decline and growing the population to 1.2 million (an increase of 71,000 households), raising incomes to the national average excluding London (an increase of £3,000 per annum per resident) and attracting a more balanced population to live in a transformed, sustainable environment.

You can read or download 'Looking Forward: The Black Country in 2033' here.

A portfolio of technical evidence has been developed to test the interventions needed to turn the Black Country Vision into reality. The Black Country Study supports a sub-regional strategy for the Black Country, setting out the priorities for regenerating its environmental, social and economic fabric.

To access the Black Country Study, please visit the Black Country Study page.