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Our Vision

Our company mission, which defines what we do, our vision for the future and the values which shape our actions are set out below;

BCC Ltd – Mission
Enabling a greater, wealthier, healthier and beautiful Black Country
BCC Ltd – 10 Year Vision
A first class partnership
BCC Ltd – Our Values
We will:

Be passionate about the Black Country
Work in a spirit of innovation, creativity and enterprise
Stimulate the sub region by working in partnership
Value the contribution, skills and integrity of our team

Aim 1
Advancing the delivery of transformational change in the Black Country (The Black Country Strategy)
Strategic Aim 2Informing and supporting collaborative sub-regional partnership
Strategic Aim 3Being an advocate for the Black Country
Strategic Aim 4 Be a high performing company


We recognise that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment. We aim to minimise the potentially harmful effects of this activity wherever and whenever possible. As a consequence of this the Black Country Consortium is committed to continuous improvement in environmental performance.