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Contractual Engagement of Third Party Deliverers


When BCC Ltd engages a third party (contractor)  to deliver services on our behalf that require them to participate in the delivery of a  "Regulated Activity” as defined in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 [link], it will be a contractual requirement  using the companies "Contract for Supplies and Services” for the contractor to comply with the BCC Ltd Safeguarding Policy and contractual obligations.

BCC Ltd takes Safeguarding seriously and expects that partners who are contracted to either deliver on our behalf or engage 3rd parties to deliver to children, your people or adults at risk, take these responsibilities seriously.  With this in mind, BCC Ltd have produced a set of Codes of Conduct for organisations, Coaches, volunteers as well as paid staff members. These codes are a minimum standard.  These Codes of Conduct  support and inform our partners of how they should conduct themselves but also how to limit the likelihood of incidents of abuse, maltreatment or potential criminal behaviour.