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Intelligence Briefings

Black Country: Annual Population Survey - Employment Activity - 2019
In the year ending March 2019, the employment rate in the Black Country was 69.9% (510,300 people) compared to 75.6% for England overall
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Black Country CO2 Emissions Estimate - 2017
In 2017, the Black Country produced a total of 4,766 Kt CO2 emissions. This equates to 4.0 tonnes per capita, below the England average of 5.1.
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Black Country Mid-Year Population Estimates 2018
The Black Country population is growing and in 2018 stands at 1.19m residents – a 0.6% increase from 2017. The Black Country LEP has one of the youngest populations (0 – 15 years old) across all LEPs at 21.2% of the total
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Benchmarking Local Innovation Briefing 2019
The Enterprise Research Centre’s (ERC) report provides innovation benchmarks for local areas in England (defined by LEPs). The benchmarks are based on a new analysis of data from the 14,000 firms which responded to the UK Innovation Survey 2017
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Sub Regional Fuel Poverty in England, 2019 (2017 data)
Experimental Statistics were released on the 13th June 2019 by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy on sub-regional fuel poverty in England.
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Adult Active Lives: April 2019 Release
The Active Lives report provides an updated comprehensive overview of adult (age 16+) sport and physical activity in England in the 12 months from November 2017 to November 2018. 
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Black Country APS Qualifications (NVQ): April 2019 Release
The Annual Population Survey (APS) datasets from the Office of National Statistics were updated on 16 April 2019 with new figures for the Jan 2018 – Dec 2018 survey period.
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Annual Population Survey: Employment Activity: January – December 2018 (April 2019 Release)
Employment Activity data for 2018 released by the Office of National Statistics.
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Housing Starts & Completions data 2018: March 2019 Release
Data released by the Office of National Statistics containing quarterly updates of the number of housing starts and completions for local authorities and LEP’s to the end of December 2018.
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International Exports of Services: February 2019 Release
Great Britain exported £251,167m in services in 2016 with the West Midlands 7 Met area accounting for 2.2% of the UK output. There are eight "functional categories” where four are based on industries and four based on products.
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GVA per Hour Worked and GVA per Filled Job: February 2019 Release
The Black Country GVA per hour worked increased from £26.5 in 2016 to £27.6 in 2017. This is an increase of 4.3% which is above the national average of 2.6%.
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Gross Value Added (GVA): December 2018 Release
The Black County GVA continues to rise and reached £21.7bn in 2017. Across the WMCA 3 LEP geography strong growth was recorded with the Black Country reporting the highest growth rate in GVA. 
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ONS Business Demography Data: 21st November Release
The recent ONS Business Demography illustrates a growth in the Black Country business base with a total of 38,505 businesses currently active in the Black Country in 2017.
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Claimant Count Summary - November 2018
The Black Country had 28,845 claimants in November 2018, an increase of 1.1% (+310) from the previous month.
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UK Active Lives Survey: October Release
The Active Lives survey data was released this month, showing data about the activity levels of residents within the Black Country.

The data shows a positive story for the Black Country…
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Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) – Workplace and Resident Based
The latest annual ASHE data was released on 25th October 2018, the data shows the gross annual pay at a workplace and resident level across areas.

Over the past year, the Black Country workplace annual gross pay increased by £626 (+2.5%) to £25,791…
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UK House Price Index (August 2018): October 2018 Release
The latest house price index figures were released this month, displaying the price of houses in the Black Country...
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UK Business Counts Annual Release: October 2018
The latest annual UK Business Counts data was released at the start of October, displaying the number of enterprises across areas and within sectors.

Following impressive business growth in the last 5 years, the new data shows the number of Black Country businesses stabilising at its high level of over 33,000…
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UK Business Register and Employment (BRES) Survey: 27th September Release
The latest annual BRES data was released this week, displaying the number of employees across areas and within sectors.

The data displays a really positive story for the Black Country...
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2016 Household Projections - Black Country
The number of households in the Black Country is projected to increase by almost 69,000 (+15%) over the next 25 years....
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Employer Skills Survey 2017
The 2017 survey is the fourth in a series conducted biennially since 2011....
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