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Active Black Country

The EIU provides intelligence to support Active Black Country.

This includes identification, interpretation and analysis of data, strategy and best practice in sport and physical activity in UK including economic evidence base.

We develop, implementation and monitor a Performance Management Framework for the Black Country Growth Plan for Sport.

We monitor, map, measure investment into sport and physical activity across the Black Country to determine impact and guide future investment.



Social Return on Investment

The EIU provide valuable support to ensure that internal teams and external stakeholders understand the impacts of a given project or programme, organisation or policy. We do this by applying industry approved SROI methodologies to compare investments (costs) to returns (benefits) by measuring the social, environmental and economic change from the perspective of those who experience or contribute to it. We also place a monetary value on outcomes that do not have market values and then provide a financial proxy value of change, with the financial value presented as a ratio of costs to benefits. This can support evaluations and provide information on valuable lessons.