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Other Areas of Work

Other examples of who we work with and what we do include:  

Sandwell Physical Activity Board Intelligence Support

The EIU has carried out Performance Management support towards the delivery of the Sandwell Physical Activity, Physical Education and Sport Strategy since August 2010. In We provide Sandwell PAB with an extensive and first class evidence base allowing for an intelligence led approach to sport and physical activity development across the borough. This enables Sandwell PAB to develop targeted, intelligence-led priorities which underpins the delivery of the Sandwell Physical Activity and Sport Strategy and the work of the Community Activity Network Development Officers(CANDO). This has involved analysis of primary and secondary data, the creation of 6 town profiles detailing all of the relevant sporting, health and demographic information for each Sandwell town, a comprehensive programme audit detailing every measurable Physical Activity Board funded programme in the borough that was contributing to participation rates and ongoing ad-hoc data and intelligence support towards funding bids and day-to-day queries.  This work has improved links with Sport England and the County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN), including Sandwell being used as a case study in demonstrations regarding how data can be used in sport development. 

City Deal 

The EIU provides intelligence support to understand the economic impact of the City Deal ‘Working Together’ pilot. Utilising Manchester’s New Economy Unit Model we calculate the fiscal impact of cost savings to the exchequer in terms of new entrants to the job market and the subsequent reduction in benefit claimants. Nearly a year of contracted delivery has occurred under the City Deal Working Together Pilot. Utilising its skills set the Economic Intelligence Unit work with the team to translate the activity into economic impact to support the evaluation of the project. This involves analysing information to inform progress towards two of the project indicators:

  • Provide a £1.1m reduction in the welfare benefit bill
  • Increase in wages of £19m with a proportional increase in income tax paid


The EIU will continue to evaluate this project using a consistent methodology until at least March 2019.

If you would like to work with us please email or telephone 01384 471115.