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West Midlands Combined Authority

The EIU provided the intelligence to support the development of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) SEP. 

The technical appendices are available to download here.

We continue to support the WMCA with a range of intelligence products including:

1. The WMCA Performance Management Framework – the annual update and report of this will be produced in June 2017.

2. Monitoring and Evaluation – we are working with government on the Devolution Deal Monitoring and Evaluation plan and sit on the national steering group for the national M&E framework for the investment fund gateway review

3. Income and expenditure – we developed a methodology for the WMCA which involves a detailed analysis of all government expenditure on local services as well as mapping out all tax receipts sent back to the national purse together with analysis of benefit payments by type. This will be updated in May 2017.

4. Sector Dashboards informing the WMCA Productivity and Skills Commission. In November 2016 we developed a supporting evidence pack which sets out the productivity challenge in terms of GVA and the output gap analysis. They also developed a dashboard for each of the 7 transformational sectors sector to enable us to target our action to support economic growth. 

5. Economic Modelling –we update the Oxford Economic model which was the basis for the WMCA SEP and analysis the implications of the updated trend time series data to 2030 and assess the impact in terms of the WMCA vision scenario.

6. The Dynamic Economic Impact Model understanding the economic impact of current and planned activity in the context of the Black Country is fundamental to the work of the Black Country Economic Intelligence Unit.  The Dynamic Economic Impact Model - a bespoke and best-in-class Dynamic Economic Impact model provides a clear mechanism to measure the economic impact of programmes in a spatial context and is a robust tool to ensure we are maximising the impact of our investments and working towards achieving the WMCA ambitions.

DEIM provides not only a policy or strategy logic check towards achieving ambitions that specifies a sense of direction of travel but also forms part of the wider toolkit in assessing the economic case of investments in the WMCA. We are working closely with the WMCA SEP Board to develop a forward programme of projects to test within the model and have developed a robust reporting mechanism to support decision making.


WMCA Annual Economic Review 2017

Visit this page to view or download the 2017 Economic Review for the West Midlands Combined Authority.