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11 May 2020

Black Country Economic Intelligence Unit provides impact monitor for Midlands Engine building on the launch of the Independent Economic Review

Black Country Consortiums Economic Intelligence Unit as part of the Midlands Engine Economic Observatory is providing real-time COVID-19 economic impact data for inclusion in regular local and region wider impact reports to support business recovery.

This intelligence will ensure strategic planning is in place to support appropriate and timely planning for the Black Country and wider region in managing economic recovery post lockdown. The fortnightly monitor is produced in conjunction with other key Observatory partners including WM REDI and Nottingham Trent University.

The reports bring data into one single source which can be shared and utilised in planning and responding to the challenge of the virus. The fortnightly monitor covers a range of qualitative and quantitative intelligence, sharing the region’s best data and intelligence.

Professor Delma Dwight, Director of Economic Intelligence at the Black Country Consortium said:

“It is essential we work with our regional partners to assess and report on the very real impact COVID-19 is having on the regional economy. Our aim is to provide relevant and timely information to allow all our partners to work together, to ensure a rapid and appropriate strategy is developed to mitigate the impact on the economy and ensure it recovers swiftly once the restrictions of lockdown are lifted.”

In addition, the Black Country Economic Intelligence Unit has been working over the last twelve months with the Midlands Engine Economic Observatory to publish the first-ever Independent Economic Review (IER) for the region.

The IER is the result of a year-long, detailed analysis on the whole Midlands economy over the last decade by the Midland Engine Economic Observatory, delivered by leading economists and academics, together with in-depth insight from over 50 of the region’s businesses.

The Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and Midlands Engine Champion said:

“This report will be a vital resource for the region as it sets out its roadmap for unleashing the Midlands vast economic potential.

“This Government is taking every step we can to help ensure that the Midlands economy is protected during this national emergency. As the Midlands Engine Champion around the Cabinet table, I will continue working with the Midlands Engine Partnership and leaders across the region to ensure we level up and realise this region’s standing across the UK and globally.”

The Independent Economic Review is a powerful resource for Government, policy-makers, investors and wider stakeholders.

Read the full Independent Economic Review here:

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