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05 Dec 2019

Council giving Crowdfund Wolves projects ‘power’

City of Wolverhampton Council is calling for community projects to start applying for its next round of funding through the Crowdfund Wolves platform.

One of the seven successful projects that benefitted from the last round of funding was Flour Power.

It received £756 from the council, who were one of 51 Crowdfund Wolves backers that pledged more than £4,000 to the project.

Flour Power is based on the philosophy of breaking bread with someone and making it a significant event that fosters co-operation and understanding.

It was created by local community artist, Rachel Arnold, and aims to support different communities in coming together to learn about each other.

An exhibition by local artists and children in Wolverhampton’s Fairtrade movement was held at the Light House Media Centre earlier in the year and recently people of all faiths brought bread to share at the Baitul Atta Mosque community centre on Willenhall Road.

A bread festival is also being co-ordinated for next spring, where Wolverhampton’s first ever Poet Laureate, Emma Purshouse, will give a performance about bread history in Wednesfield.

City of Wolverhampton Council is interested in funding a range of projects that contribute to improving places, spaces or residents’ quality of life.

The council will provide no more than ten per cent of the total project costs and up to £5,000, to a project that has already raised at least 50 per cent of the funding through crowdfunding.

The deadline to apply for the next round of council funding is Monday, March 30, 2020.

Rachel said:

“Ordinary citizens have great ideas but sometimes struggle to translate this into reality.

“The support and mentorship I received through Crowdfund Wolves enabled me to make my idea happen and deliver a project that is bringing people together and creating important relationships.

“This project has given me so much confidence and I'd urge anyone else with a great idea to give it a go too.”

City of Wolverhampton Council Director of Strategy, Charlotte Johns, added:

“Through Crowdfund Wolves we are helping connect people, ideas and support to enable city residents to turn ideas into reality and shape City of Wolverhampton’s future.

“These projects are also providing valuable support to families across the city and helping them thrive.

“We want to tap into the passion and unearth more of the local talent, innovation and creativity we know exists in the city.

“Anyone can create a project idea and anyone can apply for the next round of council funding towards Crowdfund Wolves.”

The council works jointly with the Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council (WVSC) to provide this platform.

Crowdfund Wolves projects have to reach 100 per cent of their target to receive any of the money pledged.

To view the latest Crowdfund Wolves projects head to:

Anyone with a project idea can fill in a simple online form at

Image caption (L-R): Celebrating Crowdfund Wolves’ Flour Power project at Baitul Atta Mosque community centre are (front) Sam Axtell, Wolverhampton for Everyone, Catherine Perry, City of Wolverhampton Council Development Officer, Toby Ephram, Local Outreach Ahamadiyya Muslim Community, and Rachel Arnold, Local Artist and Flour Power creator

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