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26 Sep 2019

Get rid of unwanted items with Freegle

Dudley Council is encouraging more people to sign up to free swap sites in a bid to reduce waste and foster community spirit, during this year's National Recycle Week.

Sites such as freegle and freecyle, along with charity shops allow people to pass on items they no longer need and give a new lease of life to items which may otherwise have been thrown away.

Freegle has over 2.7 million members in a UK-wide network of over 400 communities, each run by dedicated local volunteers, all busy, giving away and getting things for free. Whether it’s a TV, empty moving boxes, clothing, sports equipment, DIY materials, furniture, toys, books or office equipment, it is possible to give it away or get it for free using Freegle.

"While we’re really keen to encourage more people to recycle, reducing waste in the first place is actually the best thing we can do for our borough and the planet. Sites like freegle allow people to get rid of things they no longer need, benefiting someone else and reducing the amount of waste going in the bin.

"People can continue to recycle their waste card, paper, glass bottles, tin cans and certain plastics through our kerbside collection service, via the civic amenity site or arrange for collection of bulky items thorough Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345. “If you would like larger or more blue or green bags or an additional black box for glass to allow you to recycle at the kerbside, please call Dudley Council plus and we can arrange for these to be delivered."

Freegle is open to individuals, families, organisations, clubs, charities, school and businesses and is all co-ordinated by freegle community volunteers.

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