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17 Jan 2020

Invitation to Tender - Consultancy support for WM Local Industrial Strategy Sector Development Jan 2020

Black Country Consortium are seeking an individual to work with them to;

  1. Undertake engagement with local, regional and national partners including sector trade bodies (building on existing relationships and identification of new where required) and work together to review and update the current plans.
  2. Produce a one-page summary for each plan.
  3. Develop a clear plan for implementation of the identified actions and work in partnership on the development of programme and project propositions with clear quantification of the asks for capital/revenue items and potential impact.
  4. Recommendations of how the LEP and the consultees can monitor progress and review the plans in the future. 

Closing Date

The tenders must be submitted electronically no later than midday 3rd February 2020.

Further Information

The tenders must be submitted electronically to

We expect to interview successful shortlist candidates 12th February and notify the winning tenderer by 15th February and the project will start 17th February.

<<<Download the invitation to tender>>>

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