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17 Mar 2020

Key points on Ventilators

  • Government has put an ask out for all manufacturers to consider whether they can switch their production to making ventilators, which are needed to help people suffering Covid-19.
  • The Prime Minister will be chairing a call with manufacturers today on this issue.
  • As part of this work, the Business Support Helpline for England number 0300 456 3565 will be promoted as the number to call. The helpline will provide a UK wide triage service for this particular ask on ventilators.
  • Government invites businesses that currently produce, assemble or test such equipment to call the helpline and let us know.
  • If businesses think they can switch production to make ventilators, then we are keen to hear from them.
  • Callers will be asked some simple triage questions about what they think they can offer, which will be followed up.

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