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28 May 2020

Schools Across the Black Country are urged to Pledge One Hour of Wellbeing and Physical Activity Every Day for all their Pupils

The Black Country Rainbow Hour, launched today, 28th May 2020, encourages schools to provide all pupils with access to one hour of wellbeing and physical activity each day, whether that’s those returning to school or those pupils still learning remotely from home.

The campaign has been developed in partnership with the Black Country Local Authorities to ensure it can be taken Black Country wide with the concept evolving through the work of ConnectEd Partnership and School Games Organisers across the Black Country to ensure all young people get access regardless of postcode.

The Black Country Rainbow Hour seeks to prioritise the well-being of all young people across the Black Country by dedicating an hour a day to help address this current national crisis. The Rainbow Hour seeks to build confidence and strengthen the support young people have had during this time through positive physical, mental, social and emotional companionship, challenge and fun.

The Black Country Rainbow Hour campaign incorporates numerous elements:

  • A webpage dedicated to all things ‘Rainbow Hour’ where schools and organisations can sign up and pledge their support to the campaign
  • A Rainbow Booklet which provides a range of wellbeing and physical activities and ideas to support delivery of the Rainbow Hour in Schools. The booklet has been designed so it can be shared with pupils still learning from home so all children can experience a daily Rainbow hour.
  • A Rainbow Bus which will be going out on tour across the Black Country to deliver a Rainbow Hour of wellbeing and enrichment activities at schools from September 2020 (onwards).

The Physical Activity and School Sport (PASS) team in Wolverhampton, who were integral in developing this campaign, said:

It is now more than ever vitally important to support the wellbeing of all of our young people, staff and families. We have recognised that through physical, emotional and creative activities we can support the recovery of the health of our children and to start to move forward positively in these challenging times. Physical Activity in its wider offer through a Black Country Rainbow Hour will help support and guide schools.

Ian Carey, Active Black Country Director added:

Active Black Country are delighted to be working with Black Country Local Authorities and Education partners on this campaign. It is so important that schools are encouraged to put wellbeing at the heart of all learning for their pupils, whether they are back at school or learning from home. The Black Country Rainbow Hour is flexible in approach so schools can tailor it to their school day, through positive physical, mental, social and emotional companionship, challenge and fun. We want to support schools as much as we can during this uncertain time and the Black Country Rainbow Hour is a great way we can do this.”

Nicola Davis Executive Principal for Amethyst Trust, Wolverhampton commented:

Our Trust is running a virtual school and we are really proud of the engagement of both students and staff. Our students and staff are fully engaged each day with, ‘Amethyst Happiness Hour’ that supports children’s and staffs emotional, social well-being and reflects the principles of the Black Country Rainbow Hour but in a secondary setting. It creates a real buzz within our communities including our parents; last week we reached 100% of our children and we were trending on Twitter! In these unprecedented times of worry we need to remind everyone that happiness is not something readymade but comes from our own actions and it serves us all well to reflect and concentrate on our emotional and social well-being.”

Schools can download copies of the Rainbow Booklet and pledge their support to the campaign at

You can follow the campaign on social media - #BlackCountryRainbowHour


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