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18 May 2020

Stay alert to COVID-19 danger warns Council Leader

Sandwell Council Leader is warning people that COVID-19 remains a very real risk and urging them to stay alert to the dangers.

Councillor Yvonne Davies has given a message to Sandwell residents, following this week’s government announcements about lockdown rule changes.

She said:

“I know we have seen the rate of infections and deaths begin to slow.

“For the first time since the start of the pandemic, Sandwell is back in line with the Midlands and England in relation to rate of new infections. This is because of the lockdown over the last few weeks.

“It shows the lockdown has worked well – but that will change if people see this new government advice as a signal that they no longer need to be careful.

“We really have to try to reduce the risk of people letting their safety measures slip which could rapidly lead to a second wave of the virus spreading.

“That would hit places like Sandwell and the Midlands very hard and we must not allow that to happen.”

And Director of Public Health Dr Lisa McNally said it was vital to remember that social distancing and hygiene advice remained the same.

She said:

“We are very worried about what could come down the line in the next few weeks if people relax their social distancing and hygiene safeguards.

“People still need to be very clear government advice remains that social distancing must still happen on public transport and if they are returning into a work environment.

“Families should also think very carefully about renewed contact with any older or otherwise vulnerable relatives.”

Residents of Sandwell can find out more about the services the council is offering during the pandemic and how they can get emergency help should they need extra support: 

Councillor Davies’ reminders followed the government’s announcement of the conditional plan to reopen society and get employees who can’t work from home back into the workplace. The plan can viewed at:

There are also guidance notes for staying safe outside at:,

A set of FAQs are available at:

There are reminders about social distancing at: And further guidance can be found on at:

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