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20 May 2020

Impact of Covid-19 on Community Providers in the Black Country

Since the restrictions on movement were imposed by Government, Active Black Country have committed capacity towards liaising directly with community providers to understand their immediate, medium and longer-term concerns and providing ongoing dialogue and support.

A 3-pronged approach has been employed to engage with the sector;

  • A web-based survey, completed by 88 Black Country community providers
  • Follow up phone calls with any respondent who requested one (36)
  • Actively reaching out, by email and phone, to 46 community providers based in our priority areas who hadn’t completed the survey

There is no ‘catch-all’ way of summarising the impact of Covid-19 on providers of physical activity and sport.

The different stages of organisational development, the specific models of their business and the seasonal nature of different activities mean the issues reported are intrinsically bespoke.

The analysis below attempts to summarise the recurring points that have been raised by the different types of groups that have been contacted as part of this process. Whilst similar patterns emerge, there are notable differences.

This primary period of community engagement has sought to understand the initial short-term impact of Covid-19 on the local sector.

There is now a pressing need to identify the support required to aid recovery in the medium to longer term.

Further analysis and engagement is planned.  A survey into how this period has affected the activity habits of Black Country residents is being developed with a view to it being distributed towards the end of May.

The insight gathered will contribute to the development of a strategy to support the local recovery of the sector.

If you have any questions regarding this area of work, please email Michael Salmon.

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